Youngor Group Co,.Ltd.

Youngor Group, founded in 1979. Is a brand-based apparel industry, involved in real estate development, financial investment in the field of large multinational groups, with nearly 50,000 employees at home and abroad. Co., Ltd. for the listed company.
MAYOR Younger Group's high-end brand, which means "Mayor clothing." To the public and administrative leaders for the service objectives, learn from the leading men's design trends, the use of the world's top men's special fabric and the amount of customization process, to create a high-end dress and casual wear.

As China's first men's brand positioning in the executive leadership, MAYOR is not to show and show off their wealth as the goal, and aims to enhance and enhance the charm and connotation of the executive leaders, the use of par international brand of top style and quality standards, as the goal Consumer groups to provide the classic subtle, low-key luxury clothing style, show affinity and atmosphere of the distinguished temperament.
The use of the world's top cashmere, ultra-fine wool support, import mink, mink cashmere and other surface materials, matching the characteristics of their body type tailored version of the type, each client to enjoy the exclusive designer One to one service, one version, independent plate, nearly 20 parts of the size measurement, 60 hours of elaborate, and into a lot of manual technology, more than 300 processes uncompromising attention to detail.
Brand is committed to becoming a high-end personal fashion consultants, providing one-on-one butler service, is your wardrobe experts. Just call our fashion hotline 400-885-5918, a professional fashion consultant can provide you with intimate on-site service, to save you valuable time.